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Wood Samples

These are just some of the Appalachian wood species that we offer. Please contact us to inquire about another wood you desire.

Click on each image to view a larger image of the wood sample.

Red Oak Wood
Red Oak is a hard, open grained, heavy and strong hardwood.  Oak trees are slow growing trees.  Trees grown on high ground with well drained soil, such as the Appalachian Mountains, produce the finest grain, and least likely to shrink and swell in humid atmospheres. Color varies from reddish tan to medium brown.  Oak stains beautifully and absorbs more stain in the open grain areas.

Hickory Wood
Hickory is very hard, very stiff, very dense and very shock resistant. Hickory wood has a unique combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and stiffness not found in other woods.  Hickory is typically straight grained, but can be wavy or irregular.  This wood stains and polishes to a very attractive finish.

Walnut Wood
Walnut is a light brown to dark chocolate brown color and develops a rich patina that grows more lustrous with age. Walnut holds stain very well for an exceptional finish and is readily polished. The wood is generally straight-grained, but sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces an attractive and decorative figure. Walnut is a tough hardwood of medium density resulting in superior durability.

Cherry Wood
Cherry is a red to deep reddish brown heartwood which darkens to a rich reddish brown with age. Cherry wood has beautiful markings with a fine closed grain. Cherry is a strong, moderately hard wood of medium weight.

Soft Maple Wood
Soft Maple is a heartwood that can be brown to greenish brown with some mineral streaks. Maple has a fine, tightly closed grain, and it is moderately hard and strong. The term soft maple is misleading. Soft Maple is actually a hardwood that takes stain well or can be painted.

Poplar Wood
Poplar is a heartwood that is a straw brown color and may also have a greenish hue or occasionally might contain purple streaks. Poplar woods have straight, closed grains that makes this a light weight wood with good strength. Dark stains are preferred for poplar and this wood holds paint well.

Pine Wood
Pine is generally classed as a soft wood, but some of it is very hard. It is for the most part a close grained wood with alternate hard and soft streaks. It is tough and generally very strong, though it is light in weight. Its color is a pale, light yellow with few markings, none of which are very bold. The surface of white pine is smooth and without raised grain. It is a durable wood which holds its shape exceptionally well, showing no warping, swelling, shrinking, checking or splitting.


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