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Our traditional construction methods have been practiced by artisans for hundreds of years. Our mortise and tenon construction is enhanced by using a hidden tenon that will add to the strength and durability of your door, giving you many years of service. This practice, requiring extra steps in the construction phase, will add durability and beauty for your home for years to come. We use only solid wood reflecting the quality and pride in our custom constructed doors for your home or office. We do not offer Veneered construction.

Our door panels are constructed with two inch panels, installed back to back. Our method provides flexibility for the inherent movement of wood.

Labeled Door Drawing

Definition of Terms:

  • Door Panel: Our door panels are constructed using solid wood as opposed to plywood or composition wood.
  • Mullion: The upright or vertical member dividing the panels in a door.
  • Muttin Bar: A short "bar" horizontal or vertical extending from a bar to stile, rail, or another bar.
  • Rail: The cross or horizontal members of the framework of a door.
  • Stile: Upright or vertical outside pieces of a door.
Door in Pieces


The panels float.

We use the finest quality wood available for your door. Occasionally there will be defects in the wood that are visible to the naked eye. Other times splits may occur.

Thus, we go the extra step of crafting two panels with are faced back to back and "float" in place. By using two thin panels instead of one thicker panel, any splits will not be visible all the way through the panel, and allows for expansion of the wood due to temperature changes and humidity. This will enhance the continued beauty and functionality of your door.

Our construction method of using tenons will make your door stronger!

Mortise and Tenon

The practice of using mortise and tenon creates a stonger door. The mortise serves as a pocket, and the tenon fits like a tab into this slot. We customarily create our doors using a two inch tenon. This is larger than many of our competitors, and exceeds the standard for most doors.

This longer length tenon makes for a very strong seam in your door and is nearly unbreakable.

Tenons on Door

Stile and Rail Profiles from the top:

These are 2 of our stile profiles, shown here with different profiles so you can see how they are constructed.

Stile and Rail


All of our doors are pre-hung. We offer door jambs in all species of the door we sell. Because we make each door jamb specially for each door ordered, the jamb width is not limited.


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